Janette Ewen, the celebrity décor and lifestyle expert, born in Oakville, Ontario now lives in Toronto, Ontaro., Canada. After working in a number of magazines Ewen moved to television. Currently working as a co-host with Ty Pennington on Inside the Box, Ewen can rightly be described as the spokesperson for the Canadian furniture industry.

Ewen will be one of the primary attractions for at TThe Canadian Home Furnishing Market 2012 to be held in Toronto on from January 14 to 17. Ewen will present some wonderful vignettes and will share her expertise on high style with inspiring design ideas during the marketevent.

Prior to the show wWe had a chance to speak to her which reflected her views of regarding the Canadian furniture industry and on some of the issues that revolved around her status as a ‘celebrity designer’.

FAW: You have worked on almost all the modes versions of media, which one for you is the most comfortable and according to you apt for the furniture and design industry?

Janette Ewen: I love working on TV., I feel like I can really connect to with my viewer and bring my spaces to life. I like to bring a personal style to my designs and being able to talk “real time” about those designs and the furniture and manufactures I work with, just feels so natural and honest.

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