Janette Ewen, the celebrity décor and lifestyle expert, born in Oakville, Ontario now lives in Toronto, Ontaro., Canada. After working in a number of magazines Ewen moved to television. Currently working as a co-host with Ty Pennington on Inside the Box, Ewen can rightly be described as the spokesperson for the Canadian furniture industry.

Ewen will be one of the primary attractions for at TThe Canadian Home Furnishing Market 2012 to be held in Toronto on from January 14 to 17. Ewen will present some wonderful vignettes and will share her expertise on high style with inspiring design ideas during the marketevent.

Prior to the show wWe had a chance to speak to her which reflected her views of regarding the Canadian furniture industry and on some of the issues that revolved around her status as a ‘celebrity designer’.

FAW: You have worked on almost all the modes versions of media, which one for you is the most comfortable and according to you apt for the furniture and design industry?

Janette Ewen: I love working on TV., I feel like I can really connect to with my viewer and bring my spaces to life. I like to bring a personal style to my designs and being able to talk “real time” about those designs and the furniture and manufactures I work with, just feels so natural and honest.

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WMMA introduces lobbying program

The Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association has recently implemented its new Patriot Award program as an incentive for its members who meet the programís criteria will be recognized at the annual Woodworking Industry Conference. In order to achieve the status, members must host their local, state or federal representative at their manufacturing facility, receive some sort media coverage of that event and also participate in the WMMAís annual Washington D.C. fly-in at Capitol Hill, in which the association pays for participating membersí travel and related costs.
Frank Kobilsek, chairman of the WMMAís public policy committee, says the association wants to reward members who take the time and energy away from their day-to-day responsibilities and concentrate on critical legislative and regulatory issues that will impact their businesses and the woodworking industry.
He emphasizes that many elected officials donít have a manufacturing background and the program allows them to learn about issues specific to the woodworking industry that affect the geographic area they represent.
The WMMA is willing to assist members to participate in the program by providing information on how to contact their representatives, offering sample invitation letters and providing white papers on key issues that association officials think should be addressed.
Source: WMMA


PEFC is participating in the Durban Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 17) for the 5th Annual Forest Day, which will gather more than 1,000 forestry experts, activists, policymakers, global leaders and climate change negotiators to discuss how forests can be better harnessed to slow the pace of global warming and help communities adapt to the changing environment. PEFC will be present at the Forest Day 5 Exhibition, the leading annual global platform on forests and climate change. It will have a special focus this year on the role of African forests in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Sustainable forest management is a key element in strategies to maintain the forest carbon stock, and forest certification as a globally recognized instrument providing assurances for responsibly management practices provides effective means against deforestation and forest degradation.

 “Africa, especially the Congo Basin, enjoys high priority for PEFC,” said Sarah Price, Head of Development at PEFC. "There is an urgent need to promote sustainable forest management of the region's forests, which are among the most biodiverse and valuable forests in the world and essential in combating climate change."

Forest Day is convened by the Center for International Forestry Research on behalf of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests. The year's event is hosted jointly with the Government of South Africa, through the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries. Last year's Forest Day in Cancun attracted more than 1,500 people, including 106 journalists and 276 climate change negotiators, and featured the Mexican President as keynote speaker.


Technology for monitoring forest cover developed by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) and used to detect deforestation is being transferred to other countries. The pressure on countries to increase control and monitoring over their tropical forest areas grows as climate negotiations advance. INPE developed a monitoring system for tracking deforestation and the technique has proven effective domestically and found to be applicable in other countries.

The Brazilian Government, in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, has established training program in countries such as Mexico, Gabon, Guyana, Congo, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam, many of which intend to utilize this monitoring system. Six international groups from Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador are currently receiving training in Belém, Pará state, in the Amazon region in Brazil. African countries also are also interested in the system. The Congo, which has the world’s second largest rainforest, Mozambique and Angola have sent personnel to be trained in Brazil.

The satellite monitoring of the Amazon rainforest has gained momentum with the creation of software called “Terra Amazon”. The system collects images from the U.S. Landsat satellite and transforms them into maps defining various ecosystems and allows an evaluation of forest degradation at different stages.

Source: ITTO


Canada’s seasonally adjusted annual rate of housing starts was 207,600 in October, down from 208,800 in October. The latest Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) figures show that single-family starts have declined while construction of apartment buildings and townhouses is still strong.

2011 housing starts are forecast to be 191,000, up from 189,930 in 2010. CMHC expects residential construction to moderate next year with starts possibly below 2010 levels.

Investment in non-residential building construction decreased by 1.3 percent in the third quarter of 2011, but the commercial building construction segment was slightly up (+0.4 percent), according to Statistics Canada.

Commercial construction includes office and retail buildings where wood use is higher than in other non-residential buildings. The value of permits for non-residential building construction fell by 11 percent in September, declining for the third consecutive month.

Source: ITTO


Wood Works! is all set to host Timber Connection Design Workshop on December 8-9, 2011 at Fairield Inn & Suites by Marriott, Kelowna in British Columbia. The workshop will be conducted by Robin Zirnhelt and Ghasan Doudak and joining them is CWC's Adam Robertson. During the workshop John Boys of Nicola Logworks will bring his timber breaking machine and test the breaking point of different timber connections throughout the workshop.

The workshop for experienced structural engineer is to illustrate talent on designs of wood connection systems, starting with connections found in the CSA 086 Wood Design Standard to timber frame and log structures.

The workshop will educate participants into the workings of traditional timber frame connections, timber bents and trusses, and both moment connections and moment frames, touching on the connections that will be used with cross laminated timbers.

With educators, engineering practitioners and connections suppliers from up to six firms on hand, this interactive workshop will place the participant in front of such connections as tight fit pins, bertsche, CLT clips and other European style connections not yet included in CSA 086 but appearing in the market more and more.